Dress Code

The Grand Annual Ball has a white tie dress code. Ladies are expected to wear a full-length evening gown or dress that covers one's ankles. Jewelry, tiaras, a small bag, and evening gloves may be worn by preference. Hair is usually tied up but can also be held open if wanted.

The preferred choice for gentlemen is a white tie with a black tailcoat, black trousers, white shirt, vest, bow, and gloves if wanted. Wearing a dark suit is also an option, but a white shirt is obligatory. Tuxedos and wristwatches are not a part of the white tie dress code.


Academic Medals

Academic medals of honor are also mentioned in the dress code. These include the ribbons and symbols of student organizations and also symbols awarded by the state.

In Probba’s Grand Annual Ball it is a tradition for all Probba members to wear a silver and green Probba ribbon, which can be bought during the GAB week.

The ribbon can be used in two ways: as a long sash going down from the right shoulder over holder’s chest down to the left or as a folded rosette on the right side of the front of the dress. Traditionally, the ribbon may not touch its carrier’s skin, which is why ladies usually prefer the rosette. Instructions on how to tie the rosette can be found here.

Regardless of the way of use, the green color of the ribbon should always face the ground as it reflects the soil. Additionally, Probba members may also wear KY and AYY ribbon below Probba ribbon.



Probba ry's 30th Grand Annual Ball is an honorable event where everyone is expected to act accordingly. General rules consist of three things: respect the performers and the speakers, do not leave your seat in between breaks, and please arrive on time. The event starts with a flag ceremony during which everyone must stand up.